Why You Should Use A Cooling Pad For Your Laptop 4 Reasons

Many laptop manufacturers are trying to give more and more power with their thinner machines. The power of Ultrabooks and gaming laptops is growing every day now some also come with powerful GPUs that you used to find on a desktop a few years back. But as many newer and thinner laptops do an excellent job at staying cool under pressure, temperature-related issues are still showing in many portable laptops. That’s where the laptop cooling pads come into play, especially for those who love to play games, content creators, and graphic designers who used to push their laptop to its limits.

Whether your portable laptop heats ups when performing demanding tasks or when you are enjoying gaming or video editing on your bed, these cooling pads will prove to be very useful.

Why Laptop Cooling Pads

The laptop cooling pads help laptops battle against thermal throttling. It could also help, extending the life of your laptop. That CPU and GPU of your laptop will last longer if they aren’t being constantly run at very hot temperatures. So spending a little money on some cooling might save you from a lot of headaches by avoiding the danger of your laptop giving up on you early. The best laptop cooling pad also provides a place to situate your laptop when you’re using it in your lap, preventing your legs from getting hot and uncomfortable.

The mileage you get from any laptop cooling pad may vary on the vents present on the bottom of your laptop, and their position compared to the location of the fans in the pad. A decent amount of vents on the underside of your laptop is a good thing, and if these vents are perfectly lined up with the pad’s fans, then that would be perfect.

Most laptop cooling pads come with one big fan or multiple smaller ones and now there are even modular pads.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Cooling Pad For Your Laptop

Types of Laptop Cooling Pads

There are different types of Laptop Cooling Pads, and you can choose any of them depending on your laptops and your use.

Active coolers

These types of laptop coolers use the convention process to release the heat from your laptop. There can be about one to six cooler fans to facilitate the movement of heat from your laptop. These coolers work by taking power from the USB ports of your laptop. You can change the fan speed of these coolers as well manually by using special software automatically.

One of the drawbacks of active coolers is that they get power through the USB ports of your laptop, which can produce heat. But this heat is very less as compared to the heat it removes from the laptop.

Passive coolers

This type of cooler uses a conduction process to remove the heat from your laptop. These don’t consume any power because the pads are mostly made up of a special material that can absorb the heat produced by the laptop. If your laptop has air vents at the bottom of your laptop, then don’t go for passive coolers. The reason behind them is that the cooling pad chokes the vents and this will lead to generating more heat than removing it.

Multi-surface cooler

The disadvantage of using passive coolers is that you can’t use them in laptops that have vents. So to overcome this problem, Multi-Surface coolers were made. In a Multi-surface cooler, there are multiple surfaces for cooling, i.e., the air circulates between the base of the laptop and cooler and between the base of the cooler and the surface, i.e. your lap, table, or anything else.

Who Needs a Cooling Pad?

I don’t mean that no one should buy a cooling pad for his or her laptop. There are some cases where a laptop cooling pad is just the thing you need, and in those cases, they are an affordable solution to your laptop’s heating problems. Your laptop may be heating due to the following reasons:

If Your laptop Is Old

If you’re using an older laptop that is overheat a lot meaning it gets so hot that it turns off or shows a blue screen of death or reboots or is too hot to touch — then a cooling pad may help in making enough of a difference to squeeze some more usability out of that old boy. But it is just a short-term solution for a long-term problem. If your laptop runs so hot that you can make an omelet on it, then your laptop seriously needs cleaning or repair, or both, depending on the omelet. That heat might be due to the dust, which has been building up in the fan vents and choking the internal cooling hardware of that laptop. You may be able to clean it using a can of compressed air, or you may need to open up the laptop to remove the dust that is in there.

If It’s Underpowered

If you have an underpowered laptop and you are pushing it to its limits. Let’s say your laptop has a Pentium processor, and it runs your fav game very well, or your fav editing software doesn’t mean that you should run them on it, but if you don’t have a choice. So in that case, you will be happy to find that a cooling pad can help you in keeping the laptop from overheating. Our testing data makes it clear that they will only provide cooling and nothing else: no external fan blowing air magically gives more fps, but it will keep the temps down.

If You Use It On Your Lap

Are among those people who use their laptops on their lap? or in bed, or on pillows or blankets, then a cooling pad can help in keeping things a little comfortable. Most laptop cooling pads are designed for use on a desk or table, but some are built so that you can easily use them on your lap as well. If that is the case, then a cooling pad can provide space for ventilation and prevent pillows or blankets from blocking the fan of the laptop.

Comfortable To Use On The Desk

The Laptop Cooling pad also Comfort at your desk. If you have a laptop that breathes fire at you like a dragon, or in our case, hot air, you may want to blow that hot air somewhere else. A laptop cooler can help you in this matter. A cooling pad can also raise your laptop display and cooling pads with adjustable height and angle can help you in improving your posture and reduce neck pain by keeping the screen closer to eye level.

When Not To Get a Cooling Pad?

Talking about whether one should buy and use the laptop cooling pads or not, it’s completely your decision — I am just here to give you an idea about when to buy a cooling pad and when not.

It is Just a Temporary Solution

The laptop cooling pads are just a temporary solution to a long-term problem. If you’re using an old laptop that often gets heated up while playing games or even doing small and regular tasks, you can go for a cooling pad to just squeeze some life out of your laptop. But after a few months or a year later of using it, you have to do something that will solve your problem. That can be anything from getting it repaired or cleaning it or buying a new one.

There Might Be other problems

Usually, the main cause of the overheating of laptops is the dust that has settled upon cooling fans and clogging them. The dust stops the fans from their task of cooling down the laptop. Another reason is that modern notebooks and ultrabooks are so slim and stylish that there so no space to fit big cooling fans in the laptops like in the home desktops.

A laptop cooler provides a platform that is placed under the laptop. This provides a uniform circulation of the air from internal components and drives the heat out into the environment.

You Don’t Get a Significant Improvement

Now let me tell you one thing, and that is a fact: that if you want to use a laptop cooling pad, you can’t expect a huge improvement in the performance of your laptop by just placing a cooler or fans under your laptop. I don’t deny that the performance is not increased by doing this, but not too much. It will just make the performance of the laptop more stable.


If your laptop is facing heating issues because it’s an old laptop and you want to keep using it, then the best option to solve this problem is to buy a cooling pad. A cooling pad has one fan or set of small fans that can speed up depending on the load on your laptop and can be controlled manually using software that is specially made for your cooling pad.

But buying a cooling pad is just a short-term solution for a long-term problem. The heating of your laptop is due to the dust that is settled upon your laptop’s fans and clogging it, preventing it from performing the task that it is meant to perform. So the permanent solution to the heating problem is getting it fixed or clean from the nearest repair center or do-it-yourself. If that doesn’t solve your problem as well. Then you have to buy a new one after months or a year.