Why Social Media & Live Chat Support Helps Your Online Business

Social media has always been a powerful support tool thanks to its real time live chat functionalities which go side by side with live chat support windows. All-in-all, having a contactable customer support team is extremely important.

However, you would be surprised at just how many online businesses claim that having real time support systems takes up too much of their time or simply decide that other areas of their business. Yet, compamies like Zappos, one of the most popular in the USA, have become so successful because the brand’s mission is to harness ‘customer satisfaction’. And by all accounts, that policy has been working for years!

Customer support is actually among the most powerful forms of marekting around, but certainly not one of the cheapest. At least, in the short term its not cheap, but in the long term when you take into account customer retention (returning/loyal ustomers) the ROI more than pays off. If you were to think about it, a company with social media and live chat support is actually an extension of one of the most trusted forms of marketing – word of mouth.

The five key components to a successful support team are:

  1. Live Chat Support
  2. Chat Bots for out of hours
  3. Telephone Support (Callback Services)
  4. Email Support
  5. Wesite Self-Help FAQs and links

Now out of these 5, the chat bot may be the one you are not familiar with. When customer services are not online, the chatbot steps in with automated answers. To make chatbot systems work, your customer services or reputation management teams will need to work with finding a complete set of commonly asked questions and answers and add them to the chatbot.

How About Social Media Platforms As a Whole

Social media operates in real-time. Not ony does you firm have the ability to offer live chat support, you have the platform itself to send out key messages to followrs.

Your social media admins can tap into thousands of people at the drop of a hat. They could be sat on a bus on their way to work, waiting for an appointment or simply at home watching television with their mobile devices in hand. Up pops your message and you have instantly found your audience.

That post or tweet then has the potential to be shared among friends who could become another following of your social media accounts and a possible customer down the line.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and the many other social media platforms out there really need to be at the top of your priority list for your online business. Even if you are struggling to get your profiles off the ground, there are services out there that will let you buy followers or subscribers, which is usually a great way to get other people to also give your brand social signals as sometimes no one wants to be the first!

This is the modern world we live in today and if you do not keep up with modern trends and technologies with regards to marketing, your business is going to slowly fall into oblivion compared to those that do.