What is the Difference between Movie Maker Software and Movie Maker Download?

The movie maker software from Windows and Movie Maker Download refers to the same thing and is perhaps the best straightforward editing app for shooting professional videos. In other words, the software is still in demand by users worldwide even though Microsoft has withdrawn its support. Hence, the problem is to download the software so that it is free and errorless. It can be challenging to get proper downloads as the virtual sites are mostly unauthentic and not entirely reliable, and your computer may be subjected to a virus attack.

Therefore, you can search for risk-free websites like here at www.topwin-movie-maker.com so that you get hassle-free downloads that pre-scans it with reputed Avast and AVG anti-virus software. It is indeed a great and must-have for your computer as it is straightforward and fast such that even beginners can take flawless professional videos.

Key Features that Help Create Professional Movies

There are some excellent vital features in Movie Maker that give it an edge over even the most featured software. Firstly, the Windows movie maker software is pretty simple to understand, and unlike other high-end software, you needn’t toggle endlessly with it. The features are standalone, and you can do great edits if you are a little clever.

Since it is designed to run on Windows, you will find that most people can download the same, install and then quickly start with their edit. But before the editing, you must take good shots and then import the same with the help of a USB cable.

You can quickly start your edit designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, and Windows XP. Movie Maker contains standard features like visual effects, transitions, titles or credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. You can use best free photo editor software.

Get Set for Top Class Editing from Movie Maker

You can use different tools for editing your video and audio tracks. There is a feature that ‘Edits Out’ camera shakes and wobbling effects so that the sequences are well set and look cool to watch. You have a wide range of options to choose from, which format is suitable for your audio. In the case of movie maker software, you can select from Vimeo that offers a vast choice.

The unique layout consists of a Storyboard View and a Timeline View. Apart from these, you get good collections for organizing imported videos, and further, you can use the preview pane. Each video project appears as clips of a scene that is as small as your thumbnail.

Images can be imported into the Timeline and then stretched according to your preferred number of frames. You can cut the video and audio bar into as many segments as you want. Both can be edited such that they play together seamlessly. You can also use a feature like fade-in and fade-out so that music volume can be conveniently lowered for conversations to be heard.

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