Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the most important states when it comes to the history of the United States, as the Keystone state was critical in America, securing its independence. However, history is not all that Pennsylvania has going for it, as the state is also seeped in natural beauty and gorgeous natural wonders. The combination of rich history and natural beauty make Pennsylvania an absolutely amazing place to visit. So if you just closed on one of the Philadelphia houses for sale and are looking for some great sights, what are the most beautiful areas to see? Let’s take a look. 

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is one of the most well-known symbols in American history, being an iconic representation of American freedom. The bell was first brought to America in 1752, after which it served as a means to summon legislators and ring in new announcements.  However the artifact gained its fame after a story proclaimed that the Liberty Bell was rung to signify the signing and reading of the Declaration of Independence. Although there is no evidence that this story is completely true, it only added to the artifact’s legacy. In addition, abolitionists adopted the bell as a symbol of freedom during the abolitionist movement, giving the artifact the name Liberty Bell. Today the Liberty Bell is still Philadelphia, being one of the most visited historical sites in the state. If you want to visit a location with lots of beautiful history behind it, the Liberty Bell is the perfect place to visit. 

Lake Erie

The five Great Lakes are some of the most impressive sights in all of North America. These massive lakes are some of the biggest bodies of freshwater in the entire world, making them a truly impressive sight. Luckily for Pennsylvanians, one of these awesome lakes borders the Northwestern portion of the state. Lake Erie is a major part of PA, as Erie County and the city of Erie is named after the Great Lake. Lake Erie is also a major boost to the economy of the region surrounding it, as it helps industries such as fishing, agriculture, and tourism. Thousands of people flock to Lake Erie every year just to experience what the region has to offer. Lake Erie is the largest and most beautiful lake in PA, so you definitely need to check it out if you’re looking for an area with some natural beauty. 

Pocono Mountains

Another one of Pennsylvania’s most gorgeous natural sights are the Pocono Mountains, a mountain range located in the Northeastern portion of the state. The Poconos are known for having amazing views and beautiful forestry, making it perfect for those that truly love nature. In addition, the region has several hiking trails and campsites, allowing you to get up close to the beautiful natural wonders the region has to offer. Finally, the Poconos have long been an extremely popular tourist destination, meaning there are plenty of amenities for you to take advantage of. Here you’ll find amazing hotels you lounge at while also being able to enjoy state of the art facilities and locations that allow you to enjoy activities such as skiing, fishing, and hunting. If you want a PA location that can offer you both natural beauty and amazing amenities, then perhaps a trip to the Poconos is in order.

Valley Forge

Pennsylvania is steeped in history, meaning that many of the state’s most beautiful locations also have some storied history behind them. Such is the case with Valley Forge. During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army led by George Washington, spent an absolutely brutal winter in Valley Forge. Despite the difficult times, Washington and his soldiers managed to survive and turn around the war, ultimately winning American independence. Today Valley Forge is a combination of amazing historical landmarks and beautiful landscapes, making it easily one of the most beautiful locations in the Keystone state. It’s very rare to find a location that can combine natural beauty with historical significance, but Valley Forge pulls it off.


One of the more underrated spots in PA is Doylestown, an area with some truly unique buildings and architecture. Famous archaeologist Henry Mercer once called the area home, and his legacy more than left a mark on the region. Mercer’s former residence, known as Fonthill Castle, is an impressive display of architecture, towering over the area. The castle is a beautiful sight to behold, as it looks straight out of a different time period. Similarly constructed buildings known as the Mercer Museum and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works are also present in the area, and all three are registered as National Historic Sites. All of the buildings are beautifully constructed and make the Doylestown scenery an absolute must-see.