TOP 10 Foods to Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for THE miracle recipe, the one that will delight your taste buds while making you lose weight. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you look, you won’t find it…

However; certain foods may cheer you up. They are good, and low in calories. Of course, your dear chocolate bar or your favorite burger is not there.

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Here are 10 Best Foods for Weight Loss:- 1. Strawberries

This delicious red fruit is low in calories, but high in antioxidants and nutrients. It is one of the best fat burning foods. Gourmets can enjoy themselves since 100 grams of strawberries contain only 33 calories. To be consumed without moderation (and preferably without whipped cream).

2. Endives

Crunchy and fresh, they can be eaten cooked or in a salad. And we can let go: 12 calories only for 100 grams of endive. They contain a lot of fiber, which is great news for transit, as well as potassium for elimination.

3. Goji berries

They are rich in amino acids, minerals and fiber. Being a natural antioxidant, this fruit lowers the level of sugar and fat in the blood. These berries are eaten once dried. A handful is about 15 calories.

4. Pineapple

This colorful fruit is not only delicious, it is also known for its anti-cellulite and diuretic properties. Loaded with fiber, it promotes the elimination of fat.

Be careful, these properties apply to fresh pineapples, not those found canned with syrup.

5. Celery

It is the enemy of cellulite and water retention. Very low in calories, celery also eliminates toxins thanks to its antioxidant properties. It therefore captures fat

6. The pear

It contains pectin. With this, the one who eats it sees his feeling of satiety decrease. That’s not all since the pear is also rich in fiber, so it helps in the regulation of digestion.

7. Orange

It also contains pectin. It therefore also acts as an appetite suppressant. The orange is full of vitamin C, therefore excellent for health. This citrus fruit has the power to trap fat and stabilize blood sugar levels.

8. Garlic

Usually, we either hate him or love him. To lose weight, you will love it. Researchers from the Weizmann Institute (Israel) have succeeded in showing that it could prevent weight gain.

9. Lemon

Lemon pectin has an appetite suppressant role. It naturally burns fat. It also has draining properties, it stimulates digestion. The good reputation of this fruit is well established.

10. Eggplant

It absorbs fat in the body. Be careful not to cook it with too much fat since in the pan too, the eggplant captures the fat. Like lemon and pear, it is rich in pectin which limits appetite. Also, its diuretic qualities are excellent for health.