If you want to reach the peak of your professional career as a professional stylist, you must possess certain qualities. We focus them in our natural hair salon and School and enlisting some of them below.

Creativity and personality

A good professional stylist must be able to create her own style, a particular style that defines her. Hair styling is an art and without creativity, it would never exist. It will be vital, therefore, to find ways of inspiration, whether through observation, social networks, professional hairdressing magazines, catwalks or beauty fairs and congresses.

Renew or die

Stay with the famous phrase of “renew or die”, because in hairdressing it is not only about cutting the ends and coloring the hair, a professional hair stylist should be updated in the latest hairdressing techniques, but also in the latest releases in hair cosmetics.

Innate vocation: quality of the stylist

An ideal hair stylist will have a natural penchant for hairdressing and will love his job. That will lead you to want to be in continuous training to offer the latest seasonal trends to your clients. Check the Trends in hairdressing for 2022 at touched by an Angel beauty school.

Kind, courteous and patient

As with all services, a professional stylists must behave properly and be courteous to their clients. If there is ever a conflict, you know that the key will always be to be patient and respond in a pleasant manner despite encountering irritable and complaining people. In short … count to ten!

Aesthetic sense

To achieve a perfect cut or bleach, the hair stylist near me in Union City will have a good aesthetic sense and will always look at the morphology of his client. On many occasions, clients do not leave the salon satisfied because their style, face and head shape have not been taken into account. Sometimes, no matter how good the cut is, later it may not harmonize with the shape of the face and not favor the client. The professional hairdresser will study the image of the client previously to materialize an idea of ​​what the final result will be.

Good physical shape

Assuming that the working day of a professional hairdresser is very long and that it consists of being on their feet practically all day is essential. It is therefore important to have good resistance and a minimum propensity to fatigue.

Study Professional Hairdressing

It is not about fulfilling the 90-60-90, but of having a good image that makes the client foresee that he will have good results only with that first image. It will be essential to take care of the hair, give a touch of makeup to the face, wear a clean uniform, be well-groomed…

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