Mens suits ideas

Suits have always been one of the graceful pieces of clothing in both men and women’s wear. With the evolution of time, where men and women stand side by side today, suits are meant to embrace both the genders with a chic and formal look.

For men, suits have been iconic apparel that graces their manhood and style them up for a formal or semi-formal occasion. Today, the world is witnessing how amazingly suits have been emerging in women’s wear and is one of the meaningful trends in the fashion industry for women.

There are several female celebrities and personalities who are carrying suits with grace for their everyday look. On one hand, where suits are a cliché for men – on the other hand, it is now an influencing attire for women as well.

Just as for men there are countless ideas to carry a suit for any occasion, we have a never ending list for women as well. By the way, you can explore The USA Suits for a massive collection of both men and women’s suits that are highly trending in 2021.

Here we are, with a detailed list of men and women’s suits ideas for 2021 that will make you wander in the world of fashion. Let’s get started:

Men’s Suits

  1. The Wedding Suit for Men

The wedding season is all about gorgeous and elegant suits for men. Whether you are the groom or his best man, you would need a ravishing suit to look all-set for the big day. There are a bunch of ideas that men can go along with for a wedding suit, such as quitting on the jacket and carrying the summer look to an outdoor wedding – a formal white shirt, beige vest, beige pant and a lilac blue tie is all that you need. 

Moreover, you can always go along with the trendy groom look, that comprises a sleek white shirt, black blazer, black pant and a black bow tie.

2. The Vintage Suit for Men

The vintage look can never go wrong. Such suits hold vibrant and lively colors, such as maroon, red and eccentric blue. Such vintage suits are much common to find and are certain to embrace you with the manly look that you have been seeking for.

Pairing up a maroon blazer along with a bright white shirt, maroon pants and a maroon tie, is all that you need to brighten up your presence. You can choose a blue suit and pair it up with a dim grey colored vest, white shirt and a red tie.

3. The Striped Suit for Men

Don’t miss out on the striped suits for men that have been trending in the fashion industry since forever, and are surely to continue their reign. The classic blue shirt and the classic black and white striped suit, paired up with a white sleek shirt, a bow die and dress shoes can never fail to make you look irresistible. 

4. The Pastel Suit for Men

The pastel colored suits are super trendy because of the grace and effort that they put into your entire personality. Your suit can be dark blue, lilac or brown or black (the ones that never go out of style). You can always pair up these suits with light colored shirts and ties.

These suits will embrace you with a different and unique look for the day, that will make you the center of attention in the room. 

Women’s Suits

  1. The Glazing Red Suit for Women

Women and suits are the best duo that you can ever witness! To embrace the chicest look that could make you stand out amongst the crowd, is surely grabbing onto the glazing red suit that any woman can pull-off perfectly!

Pair up your red hot suit with a white wool pullover, a contrasting pink handbag and mesh heels with golden chains – WOAH! That’s stunning! 

2. The Official Work Suit for Women

Today, women are capable of handling any work position and fulfil their duties with commitment, style and confidence. Working women are now independent and are free to move along on the path of success.

For formal work meetings, gatherings and occasions, suits have been one of the trending outfits for women. Suits in green, blue, black and brown are much suitable for work but even mustard, beige and maroon does no harm. Simply grab onto your briefcase and pair it up with your suit that perfectly goes along with your inner and foot wear. 

3. The Oversized Checkered Suit for Women

Oversized suits are surely what we would love to talk about. Women have always been eager to grab onto the clothing of their men, that’s baggy and oversized. Here, the trend of wearing oversized suits has ensured to comfort women along with embracing them a chic and ravishing look.

The oversized checkered suits are a thing that you wouldn’t want to miss out. You can elegantly pull-off the look by wearing an oversized lilac colored blazer. Accessorize this blazer with a golden metal chain belt and get that gorgeous look that you have been admiring on the celebrities. Pair this look with a cross body bag and the finest heels that you own.

4. The Two-Toned Suit for Women

This is different and surely a hit. The two tones suits have made their way in the fashion industry and are surely something that you would love to own. Blue and brown two toned suit, paired up with a brown pant, white sneakers and a light blue handbag – is aesthetic.


Suits are surely the kind of outfits that can embrace you with both a formal and casual look. The accessories and apparels that you wear with your suit, will define the look that you carry for the day. Both men and women have been wearing suits for the past decade and are still embracing themselves with these formal-piece of clothing. If you don’t own a suit yet, it’s high time to get one.