Male Hair Loss – What Are the Causes

Male Hair Loss – What Are the Causes

Issue of hair loss is a controversial one and disagreement has been spread all over even with the experts. There are plenty of opinions on subject and even further recommendations for how to stop hair loss or at least slow down it. There are some products like human hair wigs, which are even supposed to help regrow hair. However this is also debatable and can vary between one to the person other.

Androgenetic Alopecia or commonly known male pattern baldness is a man’s worst nightmare for bald people. Everyone loses hair but let’s face it! Men do it faster and efficiently than women. A male’s baldness pattern is a natural process and unfortunately is the part of getting old, if you’re between the ages of 18-45 and you start to lose hair from your scalp then the probability that you are experiencing male-pattern baldness is very high.

Male Baldness

To the despair of most men we are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. Also, this is by far the biggest cause of hair lose in men. It also affects different groups of people to different extents. Supposedly more than 50% of white men will experience some level of male pattern baldness by the age of 50, while some other races in Asia such as the Japanese are not affected as much.

Scientific research has shown that the gene for hair loss comes from either or both sides of the family, and contrary to popular belief, is not linked only to your mother’s side. Even If your family have experienced hair loss, it is more that you will also suffer this condition in your lifetime.

There is a normal consistent pattern for the hair loss of male with generally a gradual loss of hair at the temples / crown of the head and then eventually over time this leads to complete loss of hair on top of the head or in some cases all over.


Scientists have a firm belief that the male hormone testosterone or more importantly DiHydroTesterone is the cause behind hair loss. This over abundance of DHT is leading to the follicles that produce shorter, weaker and thinner hair and eventually over time this will cause it to stop producing hair. This DHT imbalance leads to baldness (androgen etic alopecia).

Since all of us all have DHT that is made by our bodies and only some people suffer from hair loss and others don’t there must be something else at work here. This other factor is having hair follicles that have a bigger percentage of Androgen receptors for the DHT to attach to and this is the component that is passed on through the genes of your parents. Male hormones start activating when a man is sexually mature so it is rare that a male will experience hair loss before puberty.


In my opinion, which many would converge on, stress can be a huge factor that contributes to hair loss. Besides, this can also be said for other many other illness we face in our lifetimes. Stress is appeared to be a product of a modern day life, however it did exist in the past. It would never had the same kind of coverage it does today due to the media age we now live in.

Today the society in west especially is so rapid, it is sometime hard to keep it up. That’s why Caucasians suffer from hair loss more than other races. Our lifestyles seem to run at a furious and hectic pace and this even comes down to the way we eat food as more and more of us consume rubbish fast food at an alarming rate. Have you ever considered taking your full lunch time at work? I can tell you now that I and the people I work with don’t take their full lunch breaks. The most times you have consumed your food within 20-30 minutes and you are straight back to your desk staring at your PC monitor!

Of course this is a small factor of possible stress. However, work stress is defiantly a big player in the overall stress you face in your life. If this is leading to your hair fall out, no one can be certain, but it certainly can’t help.

Among other hair loss causes there are also other factors in hair loss, these are listed below:

  1. Injury or serious trauma
  2. Poor diet
  3. Environmental
  4. Toxic substances
  5. Medicines
  6. Radiation (chemotherapy)
  7. Hormonal imbalance

Possible cures

I don’t believe there is a complete cure for hair loss apart from wearing lace frontal wigs. However, there are most certainly some products out there which help slow down or prevent further hair loss, some of these products even promote that they can regrow some of your hair. These products either come in the form of a pill or just a liquid such as a shampoo and some of them are claiming big successes.

First off I recommend you need to get diagnosed. This ensures your hair loss is not due to any other factor other than androgen etic alopecia. If your hair loss is a natural process than I would start looking into the many products available on the internet today and do some serious research about the issue.

Final Words

Of course there are easier options such as wigs or if you have the money hair replacement surgery. However I believe most people don’t want to or ever consider wearing a wig as it’s just too embarrassing or too much hassle or just doesn’t work. Hair replacement treatment is also a NO NO for most people as it’s either too expensive or they are just scared of the whole idea of taking hair from one part of your head and attaching it to another part.