How to solve the problem that Fastest VPN cannot connect to the network in Windows

When using Fastest VPN on Windows, you may sometimes encounter the problem that Fastest VPN cannot connect. “Connected” is displayed, but it still can’t circumvent the wall. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other websites cannot be opened. At this time, it may be due to a problem with the network settings of Windows. Fastest VPN cannot normally set the system network proxy and overturn the wall. The following 10 methods can help you troubleshoot possible problems and let you try and experience Fastest VPN happily for chrome vpn extensions.

  1. Try other lines and different network modes

In the client’s setting interface, switch between different network modes. You can choose “Smart Mode” or “Global Mode”. At the same time, try other lines. First, I recommend these lines of BGP, then AWS Japan, and finally CN2 GIA lines.

  1. Try other browsers

Sometimes the proxy cannot connect because of the browser settings. Firefox needs to be manually switched to the system proxy , which can be found in the settings. Chrome may be due to the interference of some browser plug-ins, such as AstarVPN, HolaVPN, Unblock Youku, SwitchyOmega, Greasemonkey and other plug-ins, you need to close them all before you try. IE and EDGE is not available, then the problem may also be because the system network settings, you can network and Internet repair.

Regarding the problem of Google Chrome not being able to access the Internet, here is one more sentence. The plug-ins mentioned above take over Chrome’s proxy settings, so you need to cancel their proxy settings on Chrome. You can find it in Chrome’s settings, and then disable it.

  1. Impact of other VPN software

It may be that other VPNs have been installed on your computer before, and the network settings of the system have been changed. As a result, Fastest VPN cannot normally proxy the system network. You can try to delete Astrill VPN, Shadowsocks client, or other VPN software. In the setting interface of Fastest VPN, press the reset network button, and then restart the computer.

  1. Start the virtual network card mode

You can try to start the virtual network card mode, 2.0.0 and later versions support this function. After opening, all TCP and UDP traffic on the computer will be forwarded to the virtual network card on the computer. For how to start the virtual network card, or if you encounter difficulties after it is turned on, you can refer to the virtual network card help document .

  1. 360 Security Center, or Tencent Manager and other software interference

These security software will block the network settings of Fastest VPN and interfere with scientific Internet access. These include 360 ​​Security Guard, Tencent Guangjia, Master Lu, QQ Manager, and similar software. First make sure that Fastest VPN is not included in the blacklist of these software. If there is, please delete it first. Then try to close or delete these software directly, and try the network connection again.

  1. Problems with system network settings

Problem with the system network agent. Exit Fastest VPN first. Enter the control panel, open the Internet options, click the connection tab, and click LAN settings. Then set according to the settings below, cancel “Automatically detect settings”, cancel “Use automatic configuration script”, check “Use a proxy server for LAN”, and fill in Finally, don’t forget to press the OK and Apply buttons, so that it will take effect.

  1. Reset the network

Try the “Reset Settings” and “Reset Network” buttons in the VPN settings interface of Fastest, and then restart the computer.

  1. Reinstall the latest version

Reinstall Fastest VPN. Delete Fastest in the control panel, and then install the latest version. You can download the VPN from the official website or download it from a network disk.

  1. NET FRAMEWORK version issue

If the .NET FRAMEWORK version is too low, you can try to upgrade .NET FRAMEWORK to the latest version. It is recommended to upgrade to 4.7.2 or above.

  1. Restart the computer

You can try to restart the computer.

  1. Problems with Windows Defender Firewall

It may be due to a problem with the system firewall. Try to close the Windows Defender firewall and restart the computer.

  1. When the dial-up connection name contains Chinese

When the dial-up connection name contains Chinese, Fastest VPN cannot be connected normally, just change it to English

  1. DNS settings problem

Because your computer may use domestic DNS and cannot resolve websites such as Google, you need to modify or add to your DNS server list. Specific operation

  1. The computer time is incorrect

It may be that the computer’s time is not the current time, so the client and server cannot communicate normally. Try again after adjusting the current time.

At last

If you still cannot connect to the Internet, please contact online customer service to find a solution.