How To Remove A Hard Drive From A Computer

From images to music to files, computer hard drives hold everything. In short, it stores everything that is on your PC. There is no reason to go and get a new computer if anything goes wrong with your hard drive. It will save you a lot of money to remove the hard drive of a computer yourself and substitute it with a newly bought one.

It is a reasonably simple procedure to remove the hard drive from the PC. However, you need to be aware of ESD before you begin operating within the device as it could harm hardware components. Wear an anti-static wrist brace to reduce, or remove, this electrical charge risk. Below we have listed some of the important steps you can follow when you are removing your Hard drive from a computer. Follow these steps and you will know how to remove hard drive safely.

Safety Considerations

Make sure you are not working on your computer while the main switch is on; you might get shocked. Before you start working on your computer, make sure that the power plug is unplugged and the battery is discharged. Pressing the power button for a few seconds after taking out the battery is also a great idea; it comforts you that there is no more power in the computer.

As for hard drive safety, it is a common fact that magnets can delete the data stored electronically. It’s true; however, the magnets have to be somewhat strong to do this. We suggest keeping any magnets away from your workspace; however, nothing to worry much about if the refrigerator’s magnet unexpectedly comes into contact with your computer.

Steps To Take Out Hard Drive From Computer

It’s not simple to remove your hard drive from the computer. If you don’t follow the proper steps it can damage your Hard drive. Follow the steps we have mentioned below to remove the hard drive from a computer:

Back up your hard-drive data

Before you remove your computer hard drive or do a reset, make sure you copy all the important data from your hard drive and paste it to the external hard drive.

Backing up your data frequently is the best way to keep all your important data safe. Hard drives can crash anytime, stolen, get lost, or encrypted by ransomware software. The best and the smartest way to prevent your hard drive is backed up safely and frequently. You can copy your data on pen drives or thumb drives. But remember, these are little storage devices and may not be sufficient. External hard drives can be the best option because they have more storage as compared to pen drives. If you want you can also transfer your data to another computer. “Cloud backs” are another best option. They are reliable and one of the most useful means to store data. Here is how it works.

First, you make an account and complete the setup. Next, you allow the data storage to the cloud — a network of remote servers.

Open your machine

First, you have to remove the side panel from the computer CPU gently. Normally the side panel of your CPU is locked in place by many screws or tied in place with a clamp or bracket. Remove the bolts of the side panel, tightening the side panel, and gently pull it off. Once you are done removing the side panel, you can see the inside of the CPU. The next step is to find the hard drive within the case. In most CPUs, it’s placed towards the head at the bottom of the CPU. Once you find the hard drive it’s time to take it out. But don’t be in a hurry. Detach the power supply, IDE, or SATA cable from the back of it. IDE or SATA is placed next to the power connector.

Remove the hard drive

Hard drives will also rest at the front of the machine case on a series of rails. Take it out carefully, using both hands.

Carefully pull – if you see any kind of problem, stop! You don’t have to put any force on it to take it out – whether you are doing it forcefully then obviously you are doing it wrong. There are two or more cables connected to the hard drive. If those are blocking you from taking out the hard drive, take out these cables first. Once you are done removing all the power sources, IDE it’s time to take your hard drive out carefully.


There can be different ways to remove a hard drive from a computer or PC. But the above-mentioned steps are the safest steps to remove the hard drive. You need to follow every single step if you want your hard drive to be safe. One wrong step can be harmful to you and to your computer. These steps are also useful if you are also looking for how to remove hard drive from laptop.