How to make your Instagram business account more impressive?

We know the power of social media that works behind the success of businesses. Among varied platforms, Instagram sounds like a popular celebrity. It has changed the parameters of customer interaction for the businesses. With a more personalised approach, this social media platform holds countless opportunities for every businessperson.

A business can attract more customers and goodwill through the proper approach on an Instagram business account. Do you also want to catch the attention of the world for your commercial purposes? Here are several ideas to make the Instagram account more impressive.

Create a themed gallery

A theme-based social media account gives recognition to your business and offers it a brand as an image. More than words, people remember colours and designs; if there is a theme on your account, it can leave a long-lasting impression in the mind of the beholder.

Tips on how to create a visual theme of your brand on Instagram –

  • Play with colours but do not over do things
  • Experiment with pictures of varied light shades
  • Keep things simple to appeal to eyes
  • Use the grid content pattern for the postings

Say ‘Hello’ to new Instagram followers

It is the rarest practice followed by the businesses on their Instagram accounts because perhaps they do not even know about the significance of this point. The following ones may help to explain the case better.  Start it from today, and within one week, you will see the difference. A small GIF file or a colourful post thanking the new followers can do unprecedented magic.

  • Every human likes acknowledgement. The new followers really appreciate the fact that you have noticed their presence. It is also a great way to show that you are a good business.
  • It is a friendly approach to say ‘Thank You’ to your Instagram fans, this small effort can make a big change and attract many more people.
  • You get the word of mouth publicity because when you treat the followers with respect, they spread the word about your brand.

Work thoroughly on hashtags

We know how important are hashtags and how strongly they can work to bring the right traffic to your business accounts.  But you need to deal with them smartly and take out best from those popular in the industry. The use of the right type of hashtag can cause benefit, even a start-up business in earning a huge number of audiences quickly.

Here is how you can exploit the hashtag point best –

  • Create a brand hashtag, it is necessary to get an identity in the market
  • Highlight the selling points such as if you sell instant 15 minutes loans, make it a hashtag
  • In place of a big stock of hashtag, create several relevant hashtags to stay connected
  • Brainstorm through deep industry research for popular ones, you need to follow the trend
  • Tag only your posts in the hashtags otherwise you might be breaking the norms of instagram

Post video content with these tips

You need to take care of a few points while posting the videos on Instagram. Certain ways can make the video content more acceptable for the viewers as well as the Instagram platform.

  • The duration of the video should be 3 to 60 seconds. Long videos make the account heavy and sound boring to the viewers. Do not forget the colour contrast.
  • Show the audience behind the stage look; it helps people see your struggle to create a product and appreciate it. This is the connecting point.
  • Post the videos in series leaving the message of ‘to be continued’ for the next one. It keeps the zeal ‘ON’ for the customers. The element of curiosity always works.

Ask questions

People like to react to the posts more than provoke them to think on a subject/issue. They love to share their thoughts and express their point of view.

  • Humans always seek for good listeners who can at least listen to what they are saying. The same role can be played by Instagram posts. We normally see how extravagantly people express their emotions on Instagram.
  • You do not need to overdo it but make it a circular process. Such as you may ask a question on every Monday. Something like ‘Monday Question’ can make people bring out all their money blues and feel light. An energy drink brand can attract countless people by asking people just one simple question. ‘How do you feel on Monday’ or maybe ‘What keeps you inspired even on Monday?’

The above points can make your business Instagram account impressive and attract many new customers while holding the existing ones. Your strategies can keep changing according to the new trends but never forget the basic rules of a social media platform. Business accounts have to follow different rules than personal accounts. 

Description: Read the suggestions on how to improve your Instagram business and exploit many other benefits that come when you embrace the right approach.