How to check employment pass status online

Working in Singapore requires an employment visa most especially if you are a foreigner. The Ministry of Manpower issues these passes to regulate foreign workers in Singapore. Each work visa has its own scope and limitations. However, there are also benefits like eligibility for permanent residency and being able to bring your family members to Singapore. One of the work visas that provide such privileges is the Singapore employment pass.

As an employment pass Singapore holder, there are many benefits that can be gained by you. First, you are entitled to get annual salary raises. In addition, you can sign up for a savings account and even rent or buy a property in Singapore. However, to be able to avail of these benefits, it is advisable to always check for your Singapore employment pass status. That is because there are moments that employment visas are prematurely canceled. Thus, it is best to check its status regularly. Below are three ways how you can check the employment pass Singapore status.

Check Singapore employment pass status through the SGWorkPass app

One of the most common ways to check for the Singapore employment pass status is by using an application. In the newest design of the E Pass card, there is a QR code. The QR code contains the information of the employment pass Singapore holder as well as the current status of the card. This QR code can only be deactivated through the SGWorkPass app.

What you need to do is simply download the SGWorkPass app on your smartphone. Open the app and search for the QR code scanner tool. With the use of your phone’s camera, capture the QR code of your Singapore employment pass card. Wait for the data to load then you will receive the report. The report in the SGWorkPass app will contain the current status of your employment pass Singapore visa. It also includes the expiration date so you’ll know when exactly your E Pass will lose validity.

Verify employment pass Singapore status through WP Pass Status

Another way to check the status of your Singapore employment pass is through the WP Pass Status website page. This is found on the official website of the Ministry of Manpower. All you need to do is visit the website and look for “Check Work Pass Status”. You will be redirected to a subdomain where you will see a query function and images of two types of passes.

The query function will ask you to input the employment pass Singapore card number. The card images below the function serve as a guide on where to find the work visa number. After inputting the numbers, it is important to double-check the numbers because that will be the only identification of the E Pass holder. A single mistyped-digit can lead to receiving a Singapore employment pass report of another holder. Thus, once you verify that the digits are correct, click submit. Instantly, you will receive a report on your E Pass card status.

Enquire about E Pass status through EP Online

The last way to check for employment pass Singapore status is through the EP Online. This portal is also located on the official website of the Ministry of Manpower. Thus, all you need to do is find the EP online portal on their website. Once you find it, you will be redirected to a portal where a “terms and conditions” page will appear. Just click “I agree” and you will be redirected to the homepage of the EP online.

On the left sidebar of the EP online, look for the “Enquire” tab. Click it then look for “Application/Pass Status” and click it as well. An enquiry page will appear that will ask you for your employment pass Singapore card number or the FIN. Input the FIN as well as your name in the given spaces. After, clicking next, you will go through a short verification process which will end in you getting the Singapore employment pass status report.

Monitor your E Pass status

Monitoring your employment visa status is important since it is your pass in getting certain privileges in Singapore. There are times that mistakes can occur which is why regularly checking your employment pass Singapore status will let you know of such mistakes and immediately take action to correct them. If you feel like checking the status of your Singapore employment pass is too much work for you or you keep forgetting to do so, don’t fret.