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How to buy Gmail accounts with the facility of instant delivery

If there is competition of anything then everyone is in hurry. And same theory is applied in social marketing. Because, everyone tries to reach at the top from others. For the purpose, different people adopt different tricks. Some business companies prefer to use different social media apps. And some people use old methods for their business growth. But it is modern world and if you want to growth of your modern business then there is need to adopt email services. Because, email services are most technical ways for online business.  It should keep in mind that all email services have some issues due to those all services cannot provide you same results. But Gmail is best from others. And if you want to boost your business quick your competitors then you will need to buy Gmail accounts instant delivery.

Google One

According to big companies, Gmail is best email service but this is the time of increasing its storage memory. Also Google release that our email service Gmail is at the top level then why it is defect of low storage and this was count a drawback for some big companies. To fulfill this space of storage memory, Google has introduced a new service that was known as Google One on August 15, 2018. Its main work is to increase the storage memory of cloud as well as increase the storage business communities. As you know that Gmail account provides 15 GB data through that you can use Gmail, Google drive and photos. But you can increase the storage memory from 100 BG to 30 TB through Google one. It should keep in mind that you will pay because all these facilities are included in paid plan. When you will purchase Gmail accounts then you can get the facility of Google One.

Storage plan of Google One

The storage memory that is given by Google One could be used for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google photos. It is best opportunity for users that the prices of these plans are very low if we compare it to its benefits. In 2018, the plan was started with 1 TB, but through the new policy this plan was start to 2 TB to 30 TB. And also price be changed and its price starts from $19.99 and last price is $99.99 per month.

Here are the different packages given by Gmail through Google One.

You can use 15 GB data without any cost and it is considered much data for personal use. You can use 100 GB data with $1.99 for a month and $19.99 for a year. 200 GB could be used through $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. 2 TB data is available through $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. There are some other plans of Google One and you can get the facility of 10 TB data via $49.99 per month. These plans are heavy and you can get only at the rate of per month instead of annually charges. You can enjoy 20 TB data via only $49.99. Its mega plan includes in 30 TB in $149.99 per month. However, it is the time of boosting your business through buy old Gmail accounts.

More information about Google One

Once you have buy a storage plan, then you can make it renew after the ending of plan. It is also possible to change your plan. It means that in past if you were using 200 GB plan and now you want to get 2 TB plan then you should only order and will give to this new plan. It should keep in mind that you can share your space memory like money. And Gmail offers you to share your data with 5 family members. But there is limit that you cannot share your memory up to 15 GB per head.

It should keep in mind that Google makes its policies before the time of its applied. Now, Google has announced that from 1st June 2021, that no one can give the unlimited free memory for all quality of pictures. Its mean that all your photos will be count in your free space memory. However, if you want to get all these quality in enough amounts then you should need to buy Gmail accounts in bulk.