How to buy Gmail accounts in bulk

It is the human habit that all human people want to get maximum profit. And for this purpose, they also spend more money. But some people choose their own loss through more investment. For example, if you have an online company and want to get maximum profit from it. Then you should invest you money on productive thing. While you will invest on un-productive things then it will be loss for you. I think there is no other productive option in social media rather than social media accounts. Social media platforms could be divided in different apps and email services. But it is important to know here that Gmail I the best email service through that anyone can get maximum profit. So, you should buy Gmail accounts in bulk and then you can find your expectations.

Criticism on Gmail

You can say that Gmail is a best free email service, but it is not good to say that there is no default in Gmail. Because, there are some policies of Gmail due to those some people ignore this service. And due to these policies, some users had left this service and join other. You can think about this fact that why other email service have users in million. So, here we will discuss some criticism on Gmail. But it should keep in mind that whether some people ignore this service but there are about 2 billion users of Gmail. While no one other emails service have many users like Gmail. And now a day, mostly people buy Gmail accounts without caring about its criticism.

Automatic scanning of all emails

When you will read about terms and conditions of Gmail, then you will come to know that Gmail has the right to scan all your mails, files, and documents. Gmail says that this activity is important because to remove virus, spam and to escape from malware.

Gmail took this action for making its services secure and save users from any type of problems. But some people think that this is a harmful action. Because, sometimes you send sensitive and secret information through email. And then there is no need to be security because Google knows about all your messages. This policy is critical by many users because Google have all information about 2 billion people. And may be, Google change its terms and conditions in future then it can create problems for users. Or someone hack the service of Gmail, and then there will be reason of shame due to these scanned emails.

Microsoft ad campaign against Google

Gmail was more critics in 2013, when Microsoft starts a campaign against Google. Because, only limited users were aware from scanning policy. But due to Microsoft campaign, mostly people were aware from this policy. The purpose of campaign of Microsoft was to tell people that it is not secure email service.  And also that Gmail has introduced the ads policy through that your important emails will be given to others. Due to this campaign, there was a bad effect on Gmail.

But Gmail reply to this campaign that we always try to make secure your emails. And we never want that our users become dis-heart through our activities. And we make the policy of ads and it is only for earing and no human can get information about your emails as well as your personal information.


Some people critic on Gmail that it has not beautiful looking themes. Because, you have own seen multiple time that there is no changement on its surface. If you are lover of different themes and surface then, Gmail is useless for you.

Lack of folders

If you read the features of Gmail, then you will come to know that there is no idea of folders. Because, Gmail prefer to use labels instead of folders. But, all of us aware from this fact that folders are more designed and well-arranged than labels. If you are using labels, then it will be difficult and time consuming for users because there is need much attention to manage labels.

Here, we discussed some criticism of Gmail. But it is amazing that after these criticisms, people prefer to use this service. And even mostly people are aware from the terms and conditions of Gmail, then they buy Gmail accounts and use these accounts for their business and personal purposes.