Five Practical Ways to Enhance Your Residence Security

Crime has come way too far over these years. Criminals’ ways of spying and intrusions in people’s premises and homes have become more versatile than ever. This has made every homeowner more cautious as to what safety measures they deploy.

Nowadays, security systems and solutions have become an important part of everyday lives to monitor suspicious activity. However, what people still lack is a high degree of awareness and consideration of obvious things like doors and window locks.

So, at some point, you can say that evil mindsets aren’t actually evolving; they are just thriving on the unconsciousness of the seemingly wiser lot. Maliciously intended peeps are quick to pick subtle loopholes and take away your hard-earned money in just a couple of minutes.

If you don’t wish to be a victim of it, make sure you follow these tips –

  1. Don’t Portray an Empty Home

The first thing you can do to save your home and valuable items is to show the burglars that someone from your family is always home. That means that even if you go on vacation, you have a reliable friend staying over or collecting your mails, mowing the lawn and doing other activities. Leaving a few lamps on is also a smart thing to do to show your presence.

  1. Fit Secure Bolts

If you have wooden doors, there are high chances that it is fitted with a yale lock. But, because a few screws hold these locks, you cannot rely on them. A mortice lock is a more robust option. They are so reliable that many home insurance companies keep a mandatory requirement of locks in a home they insure. It applies to your windows as well.

  1. Install a Steel Entry Door

The front entry door is the primary access point to your home and most barged by thieves, so you need to ensure you are well-protected from that side. This means you have to invest in a door that provides full-proof safety, and what could be better than steel doors. Wood, aluminum, vinyl, and any other material fail to match the strength of steel.

  1. Light Up the Premises

No thief would like to be in the spotlight, and with a well-lit landscape, they won’t even dare to enter your gate. So, place enough lights in your front and backyards, garage, pathways, driveway, and every outdoor structure. If possible, use motion-activated lighting. That may add little to your cost, but the night visibility and peace of mind you get will be incomparable.

  1. Use a Modern Alarm System

With technology evolving each day, older models of CCTVs and surveillance systems are becoming outdated. And though investing in an expensive alarm system won’t keep the burglars at bay, but can alert you on time and deter their ulterior motives. Also, your insurance company would easily provide insurance claims as the cameras’ footage will be genuine evidence.