Difference between free Gmail accounts and paid Gmail accounts

If you’re one of those who need a platform for the massive amount of digital communication for your online business. You’ve clicked on the right place. Consider buying old Gmail accounts as it comes with multiple plus points especially for online business. You must be thinking why not to get a free fresh Gmail, well there is a vast difference between a fresh Gmail and an old one as the aged Gmail have more of a professional look whereas fresh Gmail accounts are uncategorized and we do not attract your clients. You really don’t need to dwell on security as there is less than a 1% chance of getting blocked and they are very well secured. It will provide you a vast space to stock emails from your clients and employees. Furthermore, buy old Gmail account will make it much easier for you to communicate with your clients.

Different types of Gmail accounts versions

Initially, it was Gmail, an email service that was used to the conversation through emails.  But after time passed, Google has divided Gmail accounts into two different categories.  Now a day if you want to buy Gmail accounts then you should mention that you need free Gmail accounts or paid Gmail accounts.  Google has separated the works and features of different types of Gmail accounts. When you will buy free Gmail accounts then you will be unable to use some services. Because those services are only provided to paid Gmail accounts.  The other name of paid Gmail accounts is G Suite and the most use of the online business. There are some common features of Gmail those are added in Gmail as well as G Suite accounts added by Google


As we all know that about 1.5 billion people are getting benefits from the services of Gmail.  It should be noted that all users are not giving charges to Google.  Because only some million people are using paid Gmail accounts. While about 70% of users are using the free version of Gmail accounts. The people who are paying charges for using Gmail accounts, only pay $5 per user per 30 days. As the size of the business increase, the memory will use most. And then you will need to pay more money.  Here we will mention some specifications of both types of Gmail accounts.

Free Gmail accounts

Basic work

If you are using free Gmail accounts then you will be able to use the basic work of Gmail service.  You only receive and get emails from free Gmail accounts.

Space memory

When you buy free Gmail accounts, then you can use only 15 GB of data. But if you want to use free Gmail accounts for business then this memory is very low.  Because for business purposes, you should send videos and pictures to your clients and in this regard, free Gmail accounts look poor. And free memory could not be used for a long time.  In this case, your account will be added to default accounts.

Small screen

When you buy Gmail accounts in the free version then you should face the problem of a small screen when you want to compose an email. There is needed to take much care about the screen.  While when you buy Gmail accounts of the paid version then you can enjoy full screen.

Sync with other email services

If you want to use other email services like Yahoo and Outlook then you are not allowed to sync these services with Gmail.  But this drawback is only for free Gmail account users.

Paid Gmail accounts

Unlimited memory

You can use double memory of 30 GB for $5 for a month. Or get unlimited memory within $10if the company is small.

Business domain name

You can get the domain name of your own company. This will increase the business impression on your clients and the trust of your company will increase. So, for online company promotion, you will need to buy G Suite accounts.

Support center

This facility is only for paid users and free users cannot get this facility. If there is any issue through using Gmail then you can contact Gmail support center.

Here we have discussed both versions of Gmail and concluded that the paid version is most effective than free accounts. But if you want to use Gmail accounts for your personal life then you can use free Gmail accounts. Our company has the stock of these accounts and you can buy Gmail accounts and buy G Suite accounts from us.