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The small startup requires initial fundings from multiple sources, so some of them also financed a loan through the bank. The big investors like angel investors and they may include other resources such as credit cards. That is why it has requirements, repayment to investors and creditors if not paid on time they add penalties on your company.

To avoid penalties and control subscriptions you have to use these steps.

Keep Track of all Subscriptions From One Place:

You can’t be unchanged when you have a company to run and initially it is a startup. So having all of your tools subscription information in one place helps you to do work more efficiently and without any stress. The SaaS subscription management system is the primary key to perform optimized workflow and efficient spending.

  • Check for dual subscriptions across departments
  • Cancel subscription on SAAS application which are not in use and unnecessary
  • Check for double subscription among all departments.
  • Minimize the unnecessary sees spending and find the feature overlap

The best tool to manage subscription payments:

Nachonacho helps you to manage existing saas subscription vand pay for your all the subscriptions in one place with easy controls.NachoNacho is the single destination to manage your existing SaaS products as well as buy new ones

Add a Payment Source

Find your bank, log in, and you’re connected. Your Payment Source is used to fund all your purchases. Each time you use our virtual credit cards, we simultaneously draw the same amount from your Payment Source.

Create Virtual Credit Cards

Create a virtual VISA credit card (‘NachoCard’) for each vendor, and pay that vendor with that card. Set spending and date limits on each NachoCard. Suspend or cancel a NachoCard at any time. You can assign cards to yourself or any team member.

View Transactions

Each time a NachoCard is charged, you’ll see a separate invoice. It includes the vendor’s name, account holder in your company, payment amount and date, and payment status.

View subscriptions in real time

All subscriptions appear in one dashboard. View each subscription and its status. Identify subscriptions you no longer need. Avoid duplicate subscriptions. See each subscription’s account holder and associated NachoCard.

How will this help you?

  • You cannot be amazed as you are in control of the spending and can monitor all the payments in real-time.
  • You can stop seals making extra money on the subscription card accordingly your monthly budget on the company. Set your monthly budget on every prepared card which is good for specific supplier’s spending needs
  • you can control the whole payments on one platform, using one tap You can deactivate or reactivate a card. so you won’t be charged more.
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