Complete Waterproofing Solution

A lovely home is an individual’s fantasy, and it should be kept well, much like everything else. In all the critical places, waterproofing is necessary to make your home behold the beauty inside. Some of the waterproofing solutions are provided by waterproofing contractors in Mumbai.

Terrace Waterproofing

Waterproofing the Terrace is a must to avoid the damp walls and damp marks that affect the flooring and the Terrace’s beauty. For the different kinds of terraces, other waterproofing techniques are to be used. These are mentioned as follows:

1.Waterproofing Flat Terrace: To get a leak-free flat deck, you must first clean the surface to be waterproofed with the water jet. If there are any cracks, fill them up with the crack fixing solution. An angle fillet of the size 50 mm x 50 mm should be constructed where the wall and slab meet. First, add two layers of roof seal solution, after which a screed covers it. The rainwater pipe should also be protected from water leakage.

2.Waterproofing Slope Terrace: As usual first clean and repair the surface and the area’s cracks to be waterproofed. Then apply the Primeseal and Newcoat Ezee. The prime seal is for the body and the new coat size for the screen.

3.Waterproofing for Terrace Garden: It is essential to waterproof your Terrace if you plan to set up a terrace garden. After cleaning the surface and fixing the cracks, apply the primer and two layers of the Tourchsheild. Then cover 50 mm of the concrete screed with it. Set up a drainboard and fill it with soil afterward.

Wet Area Waterproofing

The waterproof wet area techniques are used primarily for a house’s toilets and kitchen.

  1. New Bathroom Waterproofing: Even before the construction of your bathroom, blueprints have to be made to waterproof it. There are separate waterproof bath seal systems specifically available for the bathrooms. This waterproofing method will help prevent bathroom leakage solution.
  2. Existing Bathroom Waterproofing – Leakages cause water leakages in the current toilets in the pipes, pumps, faucets, clogged drainages, and so on. This causes dampness in the adjacent walls, bathrooms, or kitchen, build-up of molds and mildews, the appearance of cracks in the walls, the paint peeling off, and so on. Several waterproofing solutions are available for these, like the Dampguard, Shrinkfree, Sealants, and so on.

Water Tank and Water Bodies Waterproofing

Internal waterproofing for overhead waterproofing tanks and exterior wall waterproofing is included in our Water Tank Waterproofing service and basement waterproofing. In interior waterproofing for the tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a quality cement mortar layer. A team of experts achieves this following a streamlined process that involves breaking the surface of RCC, curing, and preparatory work such as hacking loose concrete coverage. We add one coat of primer and two coats of elastomeric waterproofing coating to the prepared surface in compliance with the approved shade and color for exterior wall waterproofing to prevent water leakage.

Maintenance of a swimming pool or fountain or even a tank inside a house is grim if not appropriately waterproofed initially. The water pipes should be taped and grouted for the bath seal. Then add two coats of high-performance polymer solution cementation, and plaster it until it dries.

Foundation to Roof Waterproofing

The plaster and mortar on the base of the roof should be waterproofed. There are Tonics available for this purpose. The tonic should be added to cement and fix cracks, dampness, and rusting of steel bars.

DPC Waterproofing

The Damp Proofing Course Waterproofing is for dampness that arises due to an increase in the water table. Its best solution is to use a waterproofing product that is high in elastomeric bituminous as it builds up a high film, which is an excellent medium for resisting water.

External Walls Waterproofing

The external walls are highly attacked by the deep penetration of the rainwater, high exposure to sunlight, etc. I may also be activated by the adhesive fillings between the joints being old or even when the waterproof membrane or the outer drainpipe is damaged. An acrylic elastomeric coating performs well in this case.