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Comparison Between different email services

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If we see the whole global world, then we will come to know that this modern era is the best foe contacting with each other. Because, in the past there was no any designed way for communication with each other’s. But in this modern world there are unlimited way for communications. Any email services are the best, secure and trusted ways for contacting anyone. Because, due to security reasons, some people hesitate to use some social media tools. But, if you want to use most trusted way, then you should take help from email services. There are some important email services those could be used for communication purpose. Whether, this contacting purpose is related to business as well as personal. Here, is the list of some famous and most used email services in the world. Now, we will discuss these emails separately.


If we discussed about Gmail expense, then it is a free email service. But its business plan is paid not free for anyone. It provides 3 different plans for users. In first plan a user will pay §5 per user for a month and in 2nd business plan a user will pay §10 per user for a month while in 3rd plan enterprise §25 per user for per month. You can buy Gmail accounts and can get the plan that you need. Because, through these plans you will get the more storage, applications and more other facilities.


  1. You can use Gmail in all types of mobile and desktop devices.
  2. You can make undo to sending emails.
  3. It gives the opportunity of email forwarding.
  4. This service could be used in both online as well as offline mode.
  5. There are many keyboard shortcuts those could be used for time saving.


  1. In some cases, the speed of Gmail decreased.
  2. It is time consuming to manage labels.


It is an email service that charge heavy amount for getting its plans.

1st plan is starter that starts from §40 for a month, 2nd is professional that start from $800 per month while other is enterprise that start from $3200 per month.

It is a software through that you can create emails for business and personal.


  1. You can use this for online business campaigns.
  2. Through this software, you can easily use drag and drop editor.
  3. You can use it for your personal life and business work.


  1. This is email creator software. But we need email service.
  2. It is the most expensive service rather than other.


This email service is free service. But if you want to get its paid version then it offer two plans. First is Lite that start from $25 per month and 2nd is premium that start from $65 per month. You can create your account for free but you can send only 300 mails in a single day.

You can use this service for your business.


  1. This service could be used in different 6 languages.
  2. It offers to use shared inbox feature through that you can sync your inbox to other big email service.


  1. Its using charges are maximum than other normal email services.
  2. It allows only 300 emails per day those are very minimum than other email services.

Proton Mail

This mail service is free for all users. It was launched in 2014. It could be used for all types of business.


  1. The best advantage of this service is end to end encryption.
  2. You can manually create email expiry date.
  3. It is full secure email service.


  1. It has minimum storage. And if you want to use it properly then you should clean its history.
  2. If you are free version user, then you cannot get large numbers of features.