Civil Liability Insurance for Catering

There are many events that require catering throughout the year. From private events such as weddings, communions, graduations, etc., to public events such as a local fair, an exhibition, etc. We could put a thousand examples and in any case, everything is always expected to go well. But this is not always the case. That is why Catering Liability Insurance is so necessary to protect you against any problem that may occur.

Who can take out the Catering Civil Liability insurance?

This policy is aimed at freelancers or companies that want to cover personal and material damage that may be caused to third parties and for which the company, or whoever acts on its behalf, may be responsible for the activities and events that the catering organization. Anything that goes wrong, for example, poisoning by a product in bad condition, will fall on the person in charge of the catering.

What are the coverages included in this insurance?

Catering insurance companies are adapted to your needs. In other words, you can adapt the policy that suits you. However, some of the most demanded guarantees within the insurance for Catering are:

Exploitation Civil Liability

This coverage will cover the prejudices caused to third parties involuntarily by the development of the activity. For example, an item falls from the tableware and when it breaks, it cuts a customer. In case of not having insurance, the person in charge of the catering would have to bear the expenses for the damages caused.

Local Civil Liability

In the event that the premise where the catering is carried out is for rent, the insurance will take care of the damages that occur on the property.

Subsidiary Civil Liability of subcontractors

It is the responsibility to which the insured is subject, indirectly, for acts of third parties derived from their own activity.

Products Liability

In product liability insurance, this coverage is essential since it covers possible poisonings from the food supply.

Employers liability

You only need this coverage if you have workers under your charge. In this case, the coverage protects you from possible injuries or compensation suffered by employees during the performance of the work.

Legal Defense and Bonds

The insurance assumes the possible expenses for claiming compensation and face-to-face assistance with specialized professionals in the event of a lawsuit.