All You Need To Know About Tesla And Autopilot

Most of our blog followers know what “Tesla” is, and what is its “Autopilot” feature. But some of them don’t know what I am talking about. Right?? So those who don’t know, what I am talking about, this article is especially for you. Stick with me to the end, to know all about Tesla and its Autopilot feature. Tesla is a vehicle manufacturer, that is famous for developing Electric vehicles. It was the first company to ever develop an Electric car that is efficient enough that it can go for up to 245 miles on a single charge, and performance enough to go from 0 to 60 mph in just under 4 secs. So to know more about Tesla, Let’s talk about its background

History of Tesla

Tesla was formed in 2003 by two entrepreneurs, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. It was named after the scientist and innovator, Nikola Tesla. Now some peoples might say, who is Elon Musk then, so let me tell you about him. So, for Tesla to develop their first car, they needed funds, and they received lots of funding from different sources. One of those sources was the founder of PayPal, Elon Musk. Elon Musk contributed over $30 Million at that time and became the chairman of Tesla.

And Eberhard was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Tarpenning was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at that time. In 2008, Eberhard and Tarpenning resigned from their seats, but they remained shareholders of the company, so Elon Musk became the CEO of Tesla.

First Electric Sportscar

In 2008, Tesla released their first All-Electric Sportscar, The Tesla Roadster. It had a single-speed fixed gearbox with a 53kWh battery and a range of 244miles. In a test conducted by the company, The Tesla roadster traveled 245 miles or 394 km on a single charge. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in under 4 sec, which was faster than any gasoline-powered sports car of that time. It could achieve a top speed of 124 mph or 200 kph. The Battery of the Roadster was a lithium-ion battery. Upon further testing, Tesla found out that Roadster has achieved a mileage of 153 miles per gallon which was much greater than any other gasoline-powered car, moreover, it didn’t emit any harmful gases cuz it was an all-electric vehicle.

Tesla Model S

In 2012, Tesla stopped the production of The Roadster because they wanted to work on their new vehicle, which was Tesla Model S. The Model S was also an all-Electric car but it was a sedan, with 4 doors. It came with 3 battery packs with 235 miles range and 300 miles range. Despite being a sedan, the performance version of Model S can go from 0 to 60 miles in 4 sec and can achieve a top speed of 130 miles, which was greater than the roadster.

Unlike Roadster, the Battery packs of Model S were on the floor, underneath chairs, which gave it extra stability due to the low center of gravity, and it had extra luggage capacity than The Roadster.

In 2021, Tesla released an updated version of Model S, called Model S Plaid. It has now a top speed of 200 mph. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 1.99 sec, which makes it the fastest accelerating car from the factory. It has a peak horsepower of 1020hp. It can complete a quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds.

Tesla Model X

In 2015, Tesla announced the release of another vehicle, the Model X. and Unlike any of the previous cars from Tesla, it was a “Sports-Utility Vehicle (SUV)” or you can say, it was a “Crossover”. It was a 7 seater vehicle with 5 doors and Falcon-Wing rear Doors for easy access. It also weighed more than the Model S. It had a maximum range of 295 miles on a single charge. Despite being a large SUV, The Tesla Model X was a very powerful vehicle.

In 2021, Tesla Launched an updated version of Model X, The Model X Plaid. It now has a horsepower of 1020hp and can go from 0 to 60 in under 2.5, which is pretty fast for an SUV. Its range is also updated, it can now go for up to 340 miles on a single charge, and can achieve a top speed of 163mph.

Tesla Model 3

In 2017, tesla announced another vehicle, this time a sedan, the Model 3. It is a 5 door sedan with seats for 5 peoples. It has 3 models, standard plus, Long Range, and performance model. The performance model can go from 0 to 60 miles in 3.1 sec and can achieve a top speed of 162 mph. it has a battery pack of 75 kWh and a range of 353 miles. It is an AWD with 2 motors, 1 in the front and 1 in the back.

Tesla Model Y

In March 2020,  Tesla Alunched their new and latest Electric Vehicle, the Tesla Model Y. it looks like Tesla is going places with its names, like S, 3, X, and Y, well it doesn’t matter, what matters are the Model Y’s performance and specs. The Model Y has 326 miles battery range and with its Dual-Motor AWD, it can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 secs. It has a seating capacity for 5 peoples and it has a top speed of 155 mph.

The Tesla’s Autopilot

All the vehicle that are discussed above has a feature called Autopilot. Now what is Autopilot, it is a feature introduced by tesla in their vehicle which allows the driver to rest and the car drives itself through cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and GPS that are installed in the car. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can put your Tesla in Autopilot mode and just sleep. No, don’t even try that, you will never wake up from your sleep.

Tesla says that the driver is required to put both hands on the steering wheel to stay safe, if you don’t, the vehicle will automatically sense it and start reducing speed, and eventually, it pulls the car on the side of the road. Interesting, right??

It also has an auto-braking feature, which allows the car to slow down according to the speed limits and traffic situation. Its auto Pilot system is so advance, that it can detect an accident before it happens, and launch safety measures to protect the car from getting into an accident.

Pros and cons of Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot is so perfectly designed and programmed that it has many pros. So, let’s discuss some of the pros that I think are mentionable about the tesla Autopilot function.

  • The Autopilot can only be activated if you are going at least 18mph. If you are going below 18mph then it will not be activated. Also, use it on highways, where everything is predicted by GPS.
  • When changing lanes, the driver has to just turn on the signal and the autopilot will do the rest. The Autopilot will automatically detect an object in your blindspots. if any, then it will not change lanes until that lane is clear.
  • It has a safety feature. To keep the autopilot engaged, the drivers need to put their hands on the steering wheel. If they don’t, it will beep, that beep is to make the driver pay attention. And if the driver is sleep, then it will beep louder than before and displays a warning message on the screen. That beep is loud enough to wake the driver up. And if the driver still doesn’t put their hands on the steering wheel, the car starts to slow down, and eventually pulling the car to the side of the road, and turns the hazard lights on.

Although being so perfectly designed and programmed, the Tesla Autopilot also has some cons. Well, I believe, no matter how perfect things are made, they still have some cons or flaws. So the cons of tesla’s Autopilot are.

  • Tesla’s Autopilot uses Cameras, Ultra-sonic sensors, and GPS to detect everything around the vehicle. Some believe that this not very efficient and says that they should use LiDAR to detect objects Because, with LiDAR, you can detect the actual size of the objects and can also detect what that object is.
  • While Tesla Advertises their Autopilot as a self-driving system but it is just a “semi-autonomous” system that is just used to guide the driver. The drivers still need to put their hands on the wheel to continue their journey. But actually, tesla says that while using autopilot, drivers should be stay alert and keep their hands on the steering wheel.

The tesla is a very well known company for producing Electric vehicle all around the world. It was the first company to launch an All-Electric Sportscar in 2008, and it performed very well as compared to other sports cars of that time. Tesla has launched 5 vehicles from 2008 to 2020, namely, The Roadster (2008), Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Tesla’s Autopilot system is also very well known. From the day it was released in 2015 as an update, to this day. Like all things, Tesla’s Autopilot has some flaws, which are discussed above. But at the end of the day, it is still not a fully autonomous system,  it’s just a Semi-autonomous system that is installed just to guide the driver.