Accelerate your business with DevOps this COVID season

The sudden occurrence of coronavirus has created a puzzling situation worldwide with no possible way to carry on businesses and income-generating activities for many. It has led to the slow down across economies with a sharp decline in the GDP of the nations.

In these times of crisis, remote working and work from home is the only option left for us to continue with our day to day activities. With such severe conditions world over, DevOps has come up as a blessing in disguise!

DevOps has helped to fill up a lot of gaps faced by businesses due to remote and work from home style of working. By ensuring that there are no communication gaps and complete transparency in the functioning of business, it is ensuring that efforts become more productive with no sorts of wastage in terms of time and efficiency.

To understand the need for using DevOps in current COVID times and post COVID, check out the points listed below and make the best use of the same to enhance your business performance.


  • Enhances remote working

DevOps is a philosophy or a mindset which helps to ensure better coordination between the two most significant teams involved in any business, i.e. the development team and the operations team.

Both these teams are interdependent to manufacture a product and make it available for the end-user to buy in the market. This process demands a lot of cooperation among both the teams, which becomes very difficult due to remote working conditions.

So to solve these technical and recurring issues which are hampering the pace of businesses, DevOps is the perfect solution in these challenging times of Covid19 and has given the spark required to expand its area of growth and functionality. It has an inbuilt automated software development methodology which does not differentiate between Office and remote working and ensure higher efficiency and productivity of human efforts.


  • Increases cross-functionality

DevOps is a great tool which is not just useful for the end-user but adds a lot of value to the working of various departments of a business as well.

It helps IT firms and businesses to provide software products quickly and helps to maintain high product quality and reliability.

DevOps as a philosophy helps to train the mindset of employees in such a way that they start coordinating with each other and perform their operations interchangeably. This practice helps to prevent any time lag due to miscommunication or lack of knowledge.


  • Ensures continuous delivery

The process of grouping the efforts of production teams with the supply chain lead to timely production and supply of goods in the consumption market for the end-users.

DevOps ensures that there is a continuous flow of interdependent activities, which is represented by the symbol of DevOps, i.e. infinity.

It ensures that planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating and monitoring activities takes place continuously without any gap and hence leads to an infinite cycle of activities leading to continuous delivery and rapid expansion of businesses.


  • Creates a holistic approach

DevOps ensures a holistic approach by creating a philosophical mindset which can help every business to work efficiently in all types of the work environment. It conditions the minds of employees to work smoothly and interdependently with all the departments and leads to the holistic development of a business.

By holistic approach, DevOps cover a continuous series of activities from the developer team to create the features of the product to version control which ensures that the new features are working on all types of devices used by the customers. It further includes testing of the product features on multiple parameters followed by continuous delivery and further moves towards the service desk and scrum master.

Such practices define the entire process undertaken by businesses and are the need of the hour as they ensure effectiveness and efficiency and save a lot of extra time and effort spent which is not possible if DevOps philosophy is not implemented.



Hence, DevOps is the much-needed philosophy in today’s time when remote working has become the routine and business environment all over is so uncertain and dynamic.

Many businesses have realised the potential of DevOps in these challenging times, which has ultimately given a boost to DevOps for expansion. As per market expectations, the market for DevOps will grow up to $10.31 billion by 2023, which highlights the significance of DevOps philosophy.

Thus, the benefits of adopting DevOps truly depicts the significance that it holds, and is the future in post COVID times.

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