A Comparative Analysis of Hyperbaric Chamber Costs and its Benefits

What is Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT is a kind of non-invasive treatment technique that is used to treat and counter a number of health conditions. To commence the treatment the patient is required to enter a pressurized compartment known as the ‘hyperbaric chamber’. Within this chamber, the patient inhales 100% pure oxygen under enhanced atmospheric pressure levels so as to fasten the natural healing process of our body or lower inflammation. Over the years, hyperbaric therapy has been used to treat everything from non-healing wounds to neuro-developmental disorders.

Hyperbaric therapy enables all the body’s fluids – including the blood plasma, the lymph, and the nervous system fluids – to absorb this additional pure oxygen. This absorption hastens the healing process, as it allows the pure oxygen to reach the parts of the body, where blood circulation is limited or blocked due to an injury or some other medical condition. The additional oxygen can help heal the damaged tissues of the body, thus accelerating the rate of recovery.

All You Need to Know About the Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy cannot be carried out without a hyperbaric chamber. A traditional HBOT chamber is essentially a rigid-shelled pressure vessel that can be used by one or more people at a time, depending upon whether it is a monoplace or a multi-place chamber. The size of hyperbaric chambers can vary, with some being relatively small and portable while others are quite big and made of steel.

A typical hyperbaric chamber usually consists of a mattress, a sealed clear glass or acrylic window, and a communication system that can allow for two-way communication. Portable hyperbaric chambers can be rented or purchased and installed at home for patients, who would like to receive hyperbaric therapy in the comfort of their residence.

Purchasing a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Portable hyperbaric chambers can be very beneficial to patients suffering from a variety of ailments and medical conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, and many more health conditions. Doctors often recommend the use of hyperbaric therapy to treat these conditions. Therefore, buying a portable hyperbaric chamber might make sense if you or a member of your family requires regular HBOT sessions over a substantial period of time and is incapable of traveling to the clinic on a regular basis.

However, the hyperbaric chamber cost is something that you must take into account before making the purchase or renting the equipment. Buying or renting a high-quality and safe portable hyperbaric chamber for the patient is an important investment, so you must ensure that the benefits derived from the purchase will justify the cost. Therefore, before you buy a portable hyperbaric chamber, you should undertake a thorough cost-benefit analysis so as to ensure that you’re making a good long-term investment.

The Costs and Benefits of Buying a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

The first thing that you must take into account is the amount of time for which you will be using the hyperbaric chamber. If your doctor has recommended HBOT for a long time for the treatment of a chronic or degenerative disease, then you should definitely consider buying a personal hyperbaric chamber. This is because you will probably be using the chamber for many years to come. In that case, having your own HBOT chamber will save you the expense of driving down the patient to the nearest hyperbaric clinic for a therapy session on a regular basis. It will also save you time and energy, as well as the associated transportation and fuel costs.

Secondly, if a member of your family is suffering from a physical injury or a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes it difficult for them to travel to the hyperbaric clinic for a session on a regular basis, then investing in a portable HBOT chamber is worth the costs. You can install the chamber in your residence, which will enable the patient to get the therapy they need in the comfort of their home. If you think that the hyperbaric chamber cost is too high for a one-time payment, you could also choose to buy a portable chamber through smaller installments.

Moreover, you should also ensure that you understand exactly how such a chamber should be used and what safety measures are required for optimal usage. After you have done the required research, you may think about the hyperbaric chamber cost and decide whether you would rather buy or rent the chamber. This analysis of the costs and benefits of purchasing a portable HBOT chamber will allow you to reap the maximum returns on your investment.

In Conclusion

Buying a portable hyperbaric chamber might require a substantial investment, but it does offer a number of very important advantages. Therefore, conduct a  proper analysis of the hyperbaric chamber cost and benefits before making the investment if you want to get the best results from the therapy.