10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Iran

Apart from depicting the dazzling relics, the country is also famed for its poets and literature.

This country also famous for heritage and religious-based buildings that will give you an amazing experience. 

Whenever you make a plan to visit this destination please read out all the instructions carefully which is mention for tourist. Like all other Islamic countries, this destination also has its own rule and regulations which is mandatory to follow.

Since the country offers so many magical things, every tourist desires to visit Iran at least once in their life by online flight booking. This is the best and budget-friendly way to visit this destination so book your British Airways Reservations and start your journey.

However, like any other country, Iran also has some peculiarities that you must need to take care of if you want to furnish your journey smoothly.

1. Best Time to Travel to Iran

The best time to visit Iran is between February and May because the atmosphere blooms with spring during this time. Not only would you be able to go to various shrines but you would also spend your days in less-crowded places.

2. Weekend Is Friday

Weekend for Iranians means a complete holiday. The merchants and the other professionals do not work on weekends, meaning that you would not be able to hire their services on the weekend. Similarly, the currency exchange outlets are also not opened on Friday.

3. Bring a Lot of Money

If you are on a budget, we would suggest you never come to Iran because you will eventually be spending a lot of money. From the food items and clothes to recreational activities, Iran has the potential to empty your wallet quickly.

4. Install a VPN

In the same way, you cannot post something against the established practices of Iran, and doing so might cause unwarranted circumstances.

So, if you want to use the internet without any restrictions, then install a good VPN before entering the country through Qatar Airways.

5. Iran Is a Safe Country

Even though the mischievous people are everywhere, the Iranians as a whole are quite helpful, especially for foreigners. They will not irritate you and thoroughly guide you about the complexities of the travel.

The security officials here also make sure that you reach your destination without a hitch.

6. You have to Follow the Religious Code of Conduct

Also, make sure that you are not consuming prohibited things in public. Alcoholic beverages are strictly banned, and even if you are successful in getting some, don’t consume it in public. Flouting the religious and traditional regulations might land you behind bars.

7. Bring Comfortable Shoes

However, it does not mean at all that you have to bring hiking shoes. Any shoes will work as long as they are durable and soft. Lastly, women do not have to bring heels because they will end up discarding them because of the Iranian terrain.

8. Don’t Go to Iran during Ramadan

The overall vibe of the country is also subdued because people do not come out of their homes and offices during the daytime. Similarly, eating and drinking in public is also banned in respect to Ramadan.

9. Try to Travel on Bus

Some people might be inclined towards the airline flight deals, but it is also not a good idea because most of the Iranian planes are old and they are subject to lengthy delays.

So, choosing a bus for longer distances is not only comfortable but also inexpensive. There are a number of corporations whose buses operate between the cities.

10. Driving Is a Challenge

The metropolitan area of the Iranian capital is hugely crowded with traffic, and you have to roll your eyes all around your head in order to stay safe.

So, you need to be extremely careful while driving your vehicle. On each road, there are several cameras that examine your movement and speed.


Here in this blog, I have to try to take all the important things that make your trip wonderful and friendly. Now it’s up to you these all information you will follow or not but if you think some impotent point I have missed please mention on the comment. Anytime you can book your Emirates Airlines Flights to reach this destination comfortably.

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