10 Most Beautiful, Fragnantful, And Exotic Flowers Around The World

Flowers are one of the reasons, if somewhere in heaven on this earth. There are numerous varieties, you will find in this world of everything. But the flower is one of those rarer things that is so beautiful than others. I mean, you will get confused about which one is more beautiful. This is the beauty of flowers. Flowers do not enhance the beauty of our earth and world. But you will be shocked to know, flowers enhance the taste of food, the beauty of the home, perfume, cosmetics, and help to make medicines. There is no end to flower greatness here. I have mentioned only those things which I have remembered right now. But today, I will tell you about some flowers which are exotic and prettier. You may haven’t seen so many flowers in reality and not even know about that. Because it’s impossible to know, as I said above, numerous varieties of flowers are available. So just go with the flow, and take a look at these lovely flowers. I am sure you will be happy to know about these flowers. So let’s start to talk about the 10 exotic flowers.


 The first one on my list is a lotus, as so many of you already know. It is not only beautiful and exotic but also the national flower of India. Lotus is found in water but it has multiple uses. It is the favorite flower of Goddess Laxmi. So in India, people worship Goddess Laxmi. And yes, next time when you will order flowers online for decor, gift, or especially for food. Don’t forget to order lotus. There are numerous dishes made by lotus.

2. Plumeria

 Whenever we talk about the prettiest and just adorable flowers. I can assure you, plumeria will come to your list. Especially, when we talk about the wedding decor, worship, beauty, and flower bouquet. It’s demand increases. You know, when you will order a carnation bouquet online, add some polymeric to that bouquet. Your bouquet will look so gorgeous.

3. Orchids

When we talk about the elegant and exotic flowers. Now, you tell me is it possible to complete the list without orchids. Orchids are not just elegant but also so meaningful flowers. This is one of those rare flowers, which you can give and use for almost all purposes.

4. Gardenia

 When we think about aromatic, cute, and pretty flowers. That one flower which comes very first in my mind for sure is gardenia. This is such a sweet meaningful flower, which symbolizes love, innocence, purity,  protection, and many more. This flower not only looks like a rose but also its fragrance will remind you of the rose. Definitely not similar fragrance but soothing fragrance. If you want to send birthday flowers, can go with this one.

5. Lily of the Valley

 There is another one more exotic flower. This white flower symbolizes happiness, humbleness, luck, and other things. But you may not know, then let me tell you it’s poisonous too. It has a very nice fragrance but as I said, it is so poisonous.

6. Tulips

Tulip is one of our favorite flowers, I am sure you all will agree with me on this point. This flower also symbolizes deep love, purity, prosperity, etc. If you want to give your special, a very special flower bouquet. But this time, you don’t want to go with the rose, just go with it.

7. Anthurium

 This is one of those flowers which not only real but also artificial form makes people crazy. This one is also found in different colors with beautiful meanings. It is highly used in decoration.

8. Blue Passion Flower

This flower structure colors everything so unique and pretty. This is one so rare flower which finds in the limited place and a limited period.

9. Hyacinth

This is one of the most beautiful looking flowers ever. I can give a full guarantee on this point. This one is also found in different colors and every color symbolizes beautiful meanings.

10. Ecuadorian rose

This is one of the rarest flowers and comes from the rose family. But with some specific characteristics. But in beauty definitely, it’s justified, rose family.

So that’s it for today, I am sure, now must be surprised to know about these flowers. So many flowers will be in your garden or you have seen. Somewhere. But today, you know what these flowers are in reality. So next time, when you will order a flower bouquet or buy a flower for your garden or balcony. Think about these flowers too.